About us

Our Company is specialized in the support to the Private Label : from sampling development to production we are able to offer to our customers a full service and a timing assurance in shipments, thanks also to the use of a CAD computer system. From a very simple design our modelers can carry out the pattern and enable our samplers to create the prototype. On request we can repeat sampling, carry out size development (technical data sheets and table measures included) and come in the end to the production and shipment of garments.


Our style office is at your disposal to create patterns and suggest new ideas which will expand your imagination.


After our style office’s work our modelers will produce for you the first pattern from which will derive prototypes.


After the prototype approval sampling can be developed in the quantities, size and colours requested.


Our Company offers a high quality production mainly based on the “made in Italy” and turned to fulfill the increasingly demanding requests of a market in continuous evolution.


Scupulous tests are carried out during each phase of production , piece after piece, ensuring a very high qualitative level. We make use, moreover, of outer laboratories for ironing, packing and quality control.


On customers’ request pieces will be sent by couriers to the final users both to Italy and abroad ( Extra-Cee Countries as well)


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