Beachwear costumi da bagno Maglificio Mais


The study on models, the quality of the materials used and the attention for the detail typical of the “Made In Italy” production have allowed Maglificio Mais to fit into the market and be appreciated by all customers. The retailing process of the finished product is entirely managed inside our Company, ensuring deadline terms and offering the possibility of planned shipments.

Our Company has been created and developed as a beachwear specialist for men and young boys, but nowadays we can boast specific collections for infants and children as well ,without forgetting, however, beachwear lines for women and little girls. A shrewd company policy together with a flexibility in our internal organization permit to offer a high quality product and at the same time to be competitive and suitable for any need in such a various market.

Specialized in mainly serving the Private Label, we are also able to propose ourselves as a partner particularly careful to the customer’s needs and to satisfy other kinds of customers too.


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Beachwear costumi da bagno Maglificio Mais


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