Underwear intimo uomo Maglificio Mais


All our products are made of the best and up-to-date materials available on the international market. A particular attention is paid to safety and hygiene standards: our models, as a matter of fact, are marked by the Oeko Tex brand, since they are produced using materials and accessories which are absolutely harmless if in contact with skin.

Quality is our main target: a very competent staff follows the various phases of the production cycle from the creation of patterns to the supplying of fabrics and raw materials, always rigorously selected from our suppliers’ proposals, up to production and delivery.

An internal Cad centre allows to draw the models that are created by our style office; at a later stage cutting, sewing and packing phases are committed to our skilled collaborators who always follow high quality and constant parameters. Every single detail is checked and certified to pass then to our stock for delivery.

Model personalization: our internal style office and its annexed modeling laboratories allow to create a personalization of garments according to the customer’s requests, assuring so their exclusivity.


Underwear intimo uomo Maglificio Mais


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